Monday, January 11, 2016

Pics off of my phone....Monday morning edition

Life has been full these days. But such a good full. 

Here's a few photos of daily life from my phone that fill my heart with happiness.
Landon can be such a GREAT big brother at times.
Other times....not so much.
Tate was the Student of the Month back in November.
A very rare selfie. I don't think I know how to take them correctly.
Out enjoying a beautiful walk on snow-covered trails.
This was a fit after his Lego truck came apart.
Monday mornings are really hard when it comes to coping with life's trials and disappointments.
Landon is a voracious reader these days.
My mom found a few books on her shelves that had these inscriptions inside of them and gave them to Landon for Christmas.
I probably found it more special than what he did.
But he's read them all already.
Heath had his 1st dentist appointment. He thought the water sprayer and sucker were quite funny.
Thankful for special little memories like these captured through the lens of my Otterbox-covered little machine.  


ETaylor said...

Heath would be right about the water sprayer and sucker. Just wait until he figures out if you move your mouth just so it sounds a lot like Star Wars ;)

Adams mom said...

Oh, what a delightful surprise to check your blog site and see these adorable pictures! Makes the miles between us feel a little closer when we can catch those casual moments of your life. Thanks for sharing, love and miss you all!

Kim said...

Ms. Chapman was the meanest teacher I ever had. Seriously. I was not a fan to say the least. The only thing I can remember liking about her was that she gave out the amazing lifesavers cream suckers on holidays.