Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Endings, Goodbyes, and Other Stuff

So many fun and momentous things have been going on around here!

BUT there have also been too many endings and goodbyes. Blech. 
Not as fun.

Here's a rundown of some things that have happened in the last month-ish or so:

School Field Day
All day. Classroom color-coordinated shirts. Activities.
Landon pretty much smiles through every activity. He is so fun to watch.
Nothing is quite as entertaining as a Kindergarten tug-of-war pile-up.
Last Day of Work at Kuyper College
I wrapped up 12.5 years of employment at Kuyper College. Even though the last 1/2 of that has been in a very part-time capacity, it still was a pretty significant thing for me to have come to a close.

 Last Days of School

 Kindergarten Graduation!

Oh man. Sometimes I can see a glimpse into the future. He seems so much older than 6 here.
But here, he's my sweet and darling little boy still.
 Girl's Weekend
Super thankful for these 2 high school pals coming to me in the midst of my crazy transition time for a girl's weekend. I treated them to a downtown hotel in GR and we enjoyed pedicures, shopping, food prepared by someone else, yoga, and lots of conversing and laughing. 

Saying Goodbye to our International Sons
Parker left mid-June for Korea. And Kenny leaves in a couple of days for Taiwan. 
Both will come back to GR for the 2016-17 school year and live with new families. :( 

Landon goes to camp!
Landon went to overnight camp for the 2nd year in a row. He LOVED it.
And this is what he was like later in the day after I picked him up from camp. He sat like this for 20 minutes after we reached our destination. Brothers were poking him and talking loudly. I unloaded the whole van and went to the garage sale across the street. I finally woke him up.
 Goodbyes with Friends
This is my friend Marilyn. I treasure her and our breakfast chats. She is irreplaceable. She has been very good to me and I consider myself immensely blessed that she showed an interest in connecting with me several years ago. 

And a group of girlfriends from Highland had a little farewell gathering for me as well. It was good to hang out and connect. Thankfully, we did nothing mushy or make too big of a deal of me. But when I got home late that night, I noticed they had secretly tucked in giftcards in my new city for a mani/pedi and a trip to the salon to treat myself. I will sorely miss these friends and was a weepy, puffy mess that next day. 

 We have a pool....for a little longer

 We will soon have to drive somewhere to go swimming. Sniff, sniff.
We have had some great pool weather lately though!

Walks through Blandford Nature Center
We have nature trails really close to us in GR and I LOVE walking on them. 
The boys and I headed out a couple of days ago for what was likely our last morning walk on them.

And maybe my next update will be about all of the new and exciting things we are venturing into! And I'll *try* not to let 6 weeks pass before my next post. 
But for now, I need to stop procrastinating and pack up the rest of our house!