Thursday, December 22, 2016

Strahm Christmas

One Christmas gathering down.
Got together with my (Becca's) side of the family last weekend.

And yes, we had the 4th Annual Strahm Grand Prix.
Doesn't everybody race Hot Wheels cars at Christmas time?

My gearhead brother, Dan, invented this event. And with the help of my I-like-to-build-things-husband, the two of them keep the event running strong. Its basically a good way for us to have an event that engages everybody together. We've streamlined gifts quite a bit (Kids draw a name of a cousin.....and we still let Grandma buy for the grandkids (within moderation)), so its good to have something (besides eating) that we all do together. This year's race was a single elimination bracket that moved along quickly. Starting slots were done in a fair fashion by drawing names from a hat.

Brother vs. Brother
And the winner is HEATH!!!! The matriarch presented the travelling trophy.
We now have it proudly displayed on our mantle.
And as you can see, the Willis' showed up ready to race! We were the top 3 cars!
Landon was the only one who didn't make it out of the first round. This was the first year our family took the trophy.
We might have a slight advantage in that we own the track.

And my mom and dad told the Christmas story using flannelgraph once again!
Pretty sure I get a picture of these two sleeping EVERY year.
And no, this was not during the telling of the Christmas story.

Trying to get arranged for a family photo. Obviously, Katie likes the camera.

The whole bunch of us.
Gma and Gpa with the grandkids.

A fun and festive day that we all enjoyed!