Thursday, July 27, 2017

So...summer is here....and moving quickly

Where has the summer gone?!

Whoops. Haven't blogged in 2.5 months. My future self is depending on these recordings to remember what we did. Here's some summer happenings.....

We finally introduced our boys to baseball. Seeing as Adam had a great love for it, played through college, and was even scouted and tried out for the professionals.....for some reason, we weren't in a big hurry to push our boys into it. Landon's age would already put him in kid-pitch. And well, he wasn't very interested. By default, he practiced this summer in the backyard with his brothers. We found a pretty cheap and non-competitive (maybe a little too non-competitive) chance for the younger 2 to get their feet wet. All I can say is.....Tate and Heath were super duper cute. And they both did really well for their age-groups.

We spent a week at Lake Ann Camp. Landon was old enough to be a camper and we took some other students from our church. Our family stayed on the property for the week and had a great time. It was kinda weird to only have 2 kids under our watch. And it was fun to see Landon in the dining hall and around the grounds. He's still at the age where he's not embarrassed by us. 

The boys and I enjoyed a little walk around Notre Dame (at some point this summer.....I don't really remember. Just had this pic on my camera. Summer is already getting fuzzy). Landon was the only one that wanted to pose with Touchdown Jesus (actually titled, "Word of Life")

So.....we don't miss our pool at all.
Ok. I'm lying. We kinda miss it a lot. But our a/c works great. And we have a sprinkler.

Our summer bucket list has gotten a pretty slow start....I'm still on old school Michigan summer time....Summer is not over until Labor Day! I'll post our results after summer is over. 

We've spent our days enjoying playdates, trips to the library and parks, weddings, garage sales, church student ministry events, backyard BBQ's, a week visit from Adam's mom, staying with Grandma Strahm at Prairie Camp...and I'm sure there's lots of things I'm forgetting.

A few events will get their own posts coming up....hopefully very soon.