Tuesday, September 05, 2006


It's my mom's birthday on Wednesday, September 6th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Here's a few reasons why I love her:
- She only had 1 daughter. :) (That means I'm the favorite)
- She has taught children's Sunday School for nearly a million years. Think about the impact this woman has had on kids!
- She is an excellent grandma (as far as I can tell anyways....no, we're not giving you anymore grandkids yet!)
- She makes some of the yummiest foods (some of my faves: carrot salad, poor man's steak, pluckets, roast, cinnamon rolls, chex party mix (seriusly, her's is the best!), oh, and I'm sure there is more.
- She "enjoys" doing the dishes! (something I cannot even begin to fathom!)
- She cries when I talk about moving even farther away!
- She gets excited very easily.
- She's put up with my dad and his hobbies for so many years (don't worry dad, I love you too).
- She has blazed her way through her chemo treatments so far (I can't believe they scheduled one on your birthday! I hope they sing to you!)
- She's managed to learn how to use computers and e-mail.
- She trained me to love things like: garage sales, clipping coupons, baking, sponsoring a child through Compassion, singing, and smiling.
- She is a woman of God.
- She cares for her parents very much.
- She sent me a letter every week when I was at college....and still sends an occasional note through the mail.
- She's her kid's and grandkid's biggest fan (even if she doesn't understand how they keep score in tennis).
- She's always there if I need to talk.
- And there's plenty more!

Mom, thanks for the many years of being my mom! You are a great example and I cherish the time we have together and the memories over the years! Hope that you have a great birthday!