Monday, May 19, 2008


Landon enjoys his playmat a lot these days. He likes grabbing the toys and if they dangle too low, he tries to get them into his mouth. He even does a little moving on it as you can see by the progression of these pictures.

And he's also a big fan of his exersaucer.

Sometimes he plays so hard that he gets tuckered out!


Adam's mom said...

It brightens my day to see new pictures of my grandson. Thank you for the updates. Wish I were there to participant in playtime!

aunt doreen said...

how did our kids survive without such fun toys?

The Rottiers said...

FYI- He loved Calli's Jump-A-Roo, when he was over. He wasn't quite sure about the jumping thing at first but after a minute or two he started moving a little. It was cute! Call me anytime you need someone to watch the little guy!

Lee and Becca said...

That exersaucer picture is AMAZINGLY adorable.