Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My First Father's Day

My first Father’s Day….. posted a little late.

While since Landon was born. Being that father’s day is on a Sunday and Sundays can be a little crazy sometimes it was a wonderful day.

I woke up at and Becca gave me a present and a card from Landon and her. Which was very nice I me come on who does not like to start a day with a present they got me a 500 gig external hard drive (be jealous Jaime) something I had been wanting for a little while since I have had the unfortunate experience of a hard drive crash I like knowing that I have everything stored and giving me more space on my current laptop.

Once I got up I went to church and got ready for the morning service and Sunday school. Service went well. And Sunday school with the youth went very well. It is amazing that no matter how much I would try to plan or prepare a lesson that when you just allow God to speak through you with what he has put on your Heart that is just seems to flow… that was my experience Sunday morning for Sunday school and if nothing else I felt like it went well.
After church Landon, Becca & I went to the Olive Garden for lunch then headed home to relax the rest of the afternoon before coming back to church that evening.
It was a wonderful day I don’t have a pictures form the day so I
will just post some of my favorites. So enjoy