Thursday, August 26, 2010

7 years ago in a galaxy far, far away....

Seven years ago, we tied the knot, said "I do," joined in matrimony, became Mr. and Mrs., and all of that other jazz. And since then, we've travelled to 2 foreign countries(Brazil and Dominican Republic) and numerous places in the states (South Dakota, St.Louis, Door County-WI, Georgia, Tennessee, Wash.D.C., various mid-west locations). We've bought and worked on 2 houses. We've had ministry jobs in 2 different churches. We've brought 2 little precious boys into this world. I learned how to cut Adam's hair. Adam has taken up bow-hunting. I learned how to decorate cakes. Adam learned carpentry skills. And I'm sure the list could go on.
Fact is: It's been a very, very good 7 years.

We even got to go on a date for our anniversary! We enjoyed a nice dinner out (thanks to a gift card that we'd been holding onto for awhile). Then we took a walk in a park. And then we headed to a bookstore where we milled around for awhile (again, because we had a giftcard to spend). (On a sidenote: Gift cards really do make great gifts! We love getting to use them! Some people think they are "impersonal" gift items....but we fully love being able to use them for what we want, when we want!)
We ordered calamari (squid) for an appetizer for dinner. We had only ever had it before as little rings. Take a look at the guy below. It looked like a little baby octopus! Kinda weird at first, but anything drenched in that yummy batter would've tasted good. :)

And on another food-related matter.....Look at the below dessert. Adam gave me a couple of mini cast-iron skillets so that we can make these yummy treats at home! We made them the other night. YUMMMMMMM. I must say I've gotten weaker over time. I couldn't even finish mine! I was incredibly disappointed in myself. We've decided we'll have to share one skillet from now on.

And we were able to go out for our anniversary because we had a grandma in town to watch the boys! Adam's mom was in town for a family reunion and bridal shower over the weekend. So nice to have her stick around so that we could go out! We went out for ice cream one night while she was here. The boys get a little nuts-o about ice cream. They probably get that from me.