Monday, September 06, 2010

Holiday weekend

What a great holiday weekend! Why can't every weekend have 3 days in it?!

On Friday night, a girl's night was in order! My friend, Becca (fabulous name and fabulous person), opened up her studio for girls from church to come and hang out. Yummmm food, giveaways, eyebrow waxing and nail painting, and lots and lots of great conversation!

On Saturday, Adam helped a friend with house projects during the day. We then had his cousin and family over for dinner. Apparently, as young boys, Adam and Jason called themselves the "Daring Do-Jobbies." I'm still slightly confused as to what the "Daring Do-Jobbies" really were....Superheroes? A circus act? All I really got from the conversation was that peanut butter was an important part of their diet.

Sunday was a great day of being at church. I even walked to church in the evening - something I hadn't done yet since living here. Our house is 1.5 miles from church. I love taking walks. And I had to get to church. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Adam didn't have any meetings so he was fine with taking the boys at the normal time. I grabbed the ipod, walked out the door, and put on Kutlass' Strong Tower worship album. Pretty rockin'. A most excellent way to arrive at church.

On Monday, my parents and grandparents arrived at our house for the day. It was my mom's birthday. I like to think that I'm her favorite child since she came to see me on her birthday. We had a fun day of celebrating. The boys loved all of the extra people to give them attention. Plus, to top it off, I kicked everybody's tail at a game of Skip-bo.