Monday, September 13, 2010

Another great weekend

We headed to the east side of the state for Adam's cousin's wedding this past weekend. We left the boys with Moppy and Poppy and enjoyed the chance to be kid-free for a bit. Dori and Paolo had a beautiful wedding day. It was good to spend some time with family.
We tried to take some family shots. Adam's sister, Jaime, is absolutely unable to keep her eyes open for a picture. I took 4 shots of Adam and Jaime.....all of them with her eyes closed! None of the family shots included open eyes either. Really!?!?! You can count, not doesn't make a difference, her eyes are shut.
One note about the wedding: THE MOST FOOD I've EVER, EVER been served. Seriously, it was outrageous. I lost track of how many courses. Antipasto, bread, soup, 2 hot pastas, salad, Main course - with 2 large meats, potatoes, and veggies. And then wedding cake, hot fudge sundaes, and an overloaded dessert table (pictured below) with various fruit and a large amount of sweet treats. And did I mention, it was an open bar that also included a cappuccino bar? Dear goodness, I couldn't consume nearly as much as what I would have liked! That much food needs to be spread out over a week! Or a month!
We planned to take Sunday off (Adam gets 2 Sundays off/year...and our fiscal year ends in a couple of weeks and he still had one to take). Being away from church is always super weird for me. We rarely miss obviously - not because we think we are so incredibly self-righteous, but because it's our line of work/ministry! My whole week is thrown off without being able to start it with corporate worship. Whenever I'm not in church on a Sunday morning, I look around and wonder if these people have any idea what they are missing out on?!?! I can't imagine not having the blessing of my church family and having a place to enjoy corporate worship, a challenging message, and fellowship with others. My Sunday feels so empty and meaningless without it! Sometimses I wish we had more freedom to be gone more often on Sundays, but reality is, it would just feel weird to me. Church is where we belong.
Anyways, we have some hot shopping spots that we love to hit that are on the east side of the state.
First stop: CABELA'S!
(Below is the statue that stands out in front of the store. I love big bears....they are super scary! )
This is about as excited as I get about the store though. I did a lap and within 10 minutes I had parked myself at a table to work on some things that I had brought with me. But this is one of Adam's favorite places on earth, so I'm happy to come along.
Next, we hit IKEA! I'm still giddy about it the next day! I had my catalog with me and all marked up for things that I wanted to look at. We picked up several items that help to furnish our front living room, plus numerous other little items here and there. (Sorry, no'll just have to come over!)
Next, we hit an outlet mall that always provides a few good deals. Plus, I just like to shop! I'm pretty good at restraining and only spending if it's something that we can use AND is at a great deal. Adam did a small amount of walking, but then sat in the car. He thinks shopping is painful....unless it's at Cabela's, Gander Mountain, Dunhams, Dick's, etc. Silly Adam.
Ahhhh....what a great way to go into my 30th birthday (the 13th)! More about my reflections on that in another post.