Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 is pretty good....

So, I'm 30.
Really, I'm good with this.
I mean, I've had a few moments of looking at myself closely in the mirror....and I'm not talking metaphorically. Sure, I can see some lines forming around my eyes and on my large hereditary forhead. I have a few "age spots" that I've found on my hands. A few subtle spider veins have begun peeking at me on my legs. Our bodies weren't meant to last forever - or to look like we're 18 forever. Or to act like we're 18 forver. Life was fun as a teenager, but it's way better to grow up.
And I think about what I've had the opportunity to do, trips I've been able to take, experiences that I've been able to take in, people that I've gotten to know. My goodness. It's overwhelming. Some absolutely life-changing, eye-opening, rock-my-face-off things are on that list. What fullness! Of course, there's also been difficult times. Times that resulted in many tears, heartache, and hurt. Whether good or bad, easy or hard, they've all helped to bring me to where I'm at today.
And where is that?
Most importantly, I'm at the point where I have the confidence that I know what this life is really all about. Sure, I get side-tracked sometimes. I mess up. I lose my focus. I cry over stupid things. I get distracted by all of the things that I forget really aren't very important. I justify my wrong attitude or behavior.
But I know, I KNOW, I KNOW that this life is not my own. It's meant to be lived for Jesus Christ- the Savior of the entire world and all people (not just me). The only one that can truly satisfy our longings and desires. Our experience on this earth, however many years we are given, are nothing in comparison to what our eternity will be. All the things that we spend so much time worrying about or letting consume our lives does not mean anything in the grand scope of our existence.
Even though the world may not look at me and consider me very successful, famous, wealthy, attractive, accomplished, or intelligent......I feel like I'm on top of the world because I know that the Creator of the Universe loves me! I'm a rockstar! I know the right answer! I'm wildly successful. I'm blessed beyond what I can possibly fathom! All because I have given my life over to God and trusted him. He is all that matters! And it's my purpose to live my life honoring and glorifying him! What freedom, what joy I have!
Oh, if everyone could have all of this by the time they reached 30.
Or even before they took their last breath.