Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Official Members

It's final.....we are official members of the Mini-Van Club. We bit it and bought one.

Now, I really don't care what I drive one way or another. I had Adam shop around and be in charge of finding a vehicle. I didn't even see it or test drive it myself before getting it. It didn't really matter to me. If money were no object, I still don't have a "dream car" in mind. I just like it to run and to feel safe. The convenience of loading kids and equipment out of a mini-van does appeal to me. And Adam seems OK with a mini-van, not a big knock at his ego or anything. He was actually quite excited about this one. So, here it is:

I know, it's nothing to get real excited about. It's a 2003 Pontiac Montana....but to us, that's NEW! We were previously driving a '96 and a '95. We're keeping Adam's truck and getting rid of our Chrysler Cirrus. When we get vehicles, we budget and prepare to pay cash. No financing or loans for us. So, this is what we can comfortably afford at this time (on top of buying a house in a couple of days - we close Thursday @4!!).