Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Homeowners again!

As of last Thursday, we are now homeowners again! The papers have been signed, we wrote a big check, it is officially ours (although, possession doesn't happen until June 10). I'm getting very antsy, but I know we will be in it before we know it - only a little over a week to go!

Here's a few pics, although if you are friends with Adam on Facebook, he's included a whole album (I know many of you have already looked at it - I'm just a little slow on the blog posting).
The first picture of the front of the house makes it look like a sprawling estate, although there are neighbors quite close. The house is good-sized though, as we were looking for something we could grow into and we could host having people over for gatherings and such. 3000 square feet on the 2 levels, and a basement that has yet to be finished. Technically, there are 5 bedrooms (although one is a better set-up for an office or something similar). 2 1/2 baths. Family room. Living room. Formal dining area. Kitchen w/ eating area. Main floor laundry. 2-stall garage. In-ground pool. Good neighborhood area. We're pretty excited. We got a really great deal on this at a ridiculously low interest rate. There are a few things we'll need to spend money on (gutters, etc.), but otherwise, changes we make will mostly be cosmetic updates that we'll tackle as time and more importantly, money allows (like taking down the delightful wallpaper in the picture of the master bedroom above and putting in new flooring and such). We hope to be here for quite awhile - I can already picture having graduation open houses for our children here!