Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pizza Party!

I was referred to a party hosting company to try new products from different companies a few months back and I was chosen to host a Digiorno Pizza and Breadsticks party. Digiorno now sells Pizza and Breadsticks (with Marinara sauce) all in one box. I wasn't sure how exactly this all worked (and I'm still not), but 2 weeks before the designated party that I agreed to host, I received a box in the mail with all sorts of fun stuff in it! 6 coupons for a free box of the new product and 12 coupons for $4 off to give to the party attenders. A fun apron. Party beads. Paper Coasters. A pizza cutter. A chip clip. Definately a fun excuse to invite some friends over and not feel burdened to come up with what to serve or ask people to chip in a few bucks. The guys watched the basketball games in one room. The ladies talked in another room. The kids bounced back and forth and entertained each other for the most part. A nice Saturday evening. Hope I get asked to have more parties to try new products in the future!