Thursday, May 20, 2010

What do boys get excited about?

Here, my 3 boys are checking out a lawnmower next door (the 2 little ones did it naturally, Adam just wanted to get in the picture I think). Landon doesn't like being outside if a lawnmower is close by, but he'll stand inside at the door or window and watch in great awe.
I'll admit, I thought this cart was pretty sweet too. Some stores charge you to use their cool carts, but Menard's doesn't seem to. Landon could hardly contain himself when I started walking to this cart. Tate got tired of it after awhile, but it worked for a half hour or so. In all honesty, I avoid shopping with them unless it is a short trip. I like to browse, even if there is something specific that I was supposed to be getting. Boys just don't understand the need to do that kind of shopping and don't seem to tolerate it well.

And Adam was pretty anxious to get the pool opened up for the season. He got on that today on his day off. Last year when we opened it up, right after we had bought the house (mid June), it was DISGUSTING! Sooooo gross. I'm not sure I would have jumped in for $1000...well, maybe for $1000, but someone would have to push me. This year, we can still see the bottom in a good portion of the pool. We're kinda guessing that the people before us didn't close it very well (Why would they spend money on pool chemicals when they weren't paying the mortgage or utility bills on their home??) I would probably jump in for closer to $50 this year. It should be cleaned up in a week or so hopefully and swim-ready (and cold!).