Friday, June 04, 2010

Let's get growing!

We put in a small box garden a few weeks back. I love the idea of growing food! But I also knew that I don't have time to go nuts-o and have a huge garden. This satisfies me....for now. I just have a few variations of tomato plants. Some green beans. A few kind of bell peppers. A cucumber plant. I've got room to throw in a few other things, but not sure what I'll put in there. Eventually, maybe next summer, I'd like to have another little garden for just strawberries and rhubarb. That'll be a pie waiting to happen!
And I'm trying to keep all of our perennials under control around the house. I have so much to learn! I feel like I'm slowly getting a handle on things, but there's a lot of it. Most of this landscaping was put in professionally when they built the house 30 years ago. Little did they know that someday the owner would have very little know-how when it came to landscaping and plants. I'm becoming too acquainted with weeds. That's the biggest time sucker. Just when I think I have an area nicely cleared, they seem to pop up. I'm completely convinced that weeds are directly related to The Fall of know, that whole "You shall sweat and work the earth and it will be horrible and some of the weeds will have prickers and others will cut you and the weeds will grow faster than all of the other plants." It says something like that in Genesis when Adam and Eve got in trouble.