Sunday, July 17, 2011

Brazil: Here we come!

In just a few hours, we'll be getting ready to head to BRAZIL!
It's like one of those things that you've been planning for - but you never actually think that it will really arrive. Or that Jesus would obviously choose to return before the event arrived. I used to think that way about getting married. Jesus would most certainly choose to make His return the night before I got married. Welp, we're approaching 8 years of marriage. Jesus still hasn't come and it looks like I'm going to make it to Brazil before He comes also. :)

We're looking forward to partnering with missionaries Dan and Kelly Cook and Camp Paradise, in Recife, Brazil. There's 14 on our team. Pray that we will share God's love in word and deed. Pray that we will be a blessing to all that we come into contact with and have the chance to serve. And ultimately, pray that God's will be done!

And on a personal note....since this is our personal blog.....Pray for our boys to do well while we're gone. They'll probably be fine, it's their mother I'm worried about (yes, Becca is writing this). Grandma and Grandpa Vig have come to take care of the boys. I was a bit ridiculously emotional this morning at church anytime someone asked me what the boys were going to be doing while we were gone. Sheesh! Waterworks! I know they will love spending time with their grandparents! They will have a boatload of fun! And I know that I'll be fine once I get going and get past the saying goodbye part.

Until next time...