Thursday, July 07, 2011

Family Vacation

Hard to believe the Strahm family vacation has come and gone!

My parents, siblings, and their families all headed up to our house for a Grand Rapids area vacation. Every other year we try to take a family vacation together. In 2007, we went to St.Louis. In 2008, we went to Silver Lake, MI. In 2009, they went to Gatlinburg, TN (Sorry, no link....I was in the middle of giving birth to Tate and we didn't join in on that vacation). 2013....we're thinking to maybe head out West somewhere?!

We had lots of fun visiting local spots. Frederik Meijer Gardens. John Ball Zoo. GR Public Museum. Coopersville & Marne Railway. Lake Michigan beach. Craig's Cruisers. Fireworks. Plus, a trip to see Cars 2 in the theatre, some time at our pool, a rousing game of Hide and Seek in the house, and multiple rounds of the game Ticket to Ride! Unfortnately, a few people didn't feel good at times, including Landon with an ear infection and Tate getting his molars in. Coordinating T-shirts, naps, mitten-shaped cookies, and good weather helped to keep spirits fairly high.

Here's some of my favorite no particular order (check out my Facebook for more).