Thursday, January 26, 2012

Landon is 4!

Landon turned 4 this week!

We started off the festivities by inviting some friends over after church on Sunday night. We had Landon's requested Monster-Truck-Smoooshing-Cars Cake. It was way more fun to have lots of other people singing "Happy Birthday" besides Adam and I!

We opened some special packages and cards from special people on Wednesday. And Landon even got to take birthday cookies to Preschool to share with his friends there.

Hard to believe that Landon is 4! When I was tucking him in the other night, I told him that he was all done being 3 - and that he'd never be 3 again! He looked at me and said, "Yes. But I'll be 23 someday." Dear goodness. Yes. Yes, you will. Let's not rush it please.

What Landon is like these days:
*Still crazy about cars - really anything with wheels is his passion! He plays with cars most of the day!
*He can identify his letters and makes their sounds. Although, he really has no interest in practicing to write his name. He likes to make the "L" and that's it. And he always wants to make it VERY big.
*He can dress and undress himself (except for those pesky buttons). Although I still lay out what he's going to wear.
*He assures me regularly that he's going to love me forever. :)
*He loves to play games likes Candyland, Hi-Ho Cherry O, and other preschool games.
*He loves to color with markers. He gets very serious about it and colors in very concentrated areas so that it completely bleeds through the paper.
*Every morning he asks if he can eat breakfast in his PJ's.
*He's a bit of a tattletale. At this point, I rather appreciate it since Tate seems to regularly do things he's not supposed to.
*He still usually asks permission to do things. Sometimes he even feels he must ask both Adam and I for permission.
*He likes to show us how fast he can run. Over. And over. And over.
*He seems to like to be given chores. I know I've got to tap into this! He likes to help sort laundry. He likes to give the cats their food and water. I got him to sort the silverware from the dishwasher the other day. He gets tired of his tasks before they are completed sometimes, but it's still nice that he likes to help and be given jobs.

Ovearall, Landon is a very sweet and happy little boy. We feel so blessed to be his parents!