Saturday, August 25, 2012

9 years of marriage

We celebrated 9 years of marriage this past week!  Woohoo!  

We managed to squeeze in a date the day after our anniversary. 
(One of the perks of being a youth pastor is that you usually have a plethora of options for babysitters....even though you have to pay them since they are all poor teenagers) :) 

We even got out our wedding ceremony footage and watched it earlier in the week. Some of the music we used for the ceremony was a little less than traditional, but I still loved it and felt it was a great reflection of us. As we planned the ceremony, our focus was all about how this marriage was an opportunity for us to worship in response to all that God had/has done for us. 

I'm surely not smart enough to figure out how to attach our wedding video to the blog, but here's a YouTube video that includes the song that I walked down the aisle to. The mothers lit the unity candle and the bridal party walked in during this also. But the doors swung open for my entrance at the 2:25 mark.

Ohhhhh.....still gives me chills. :)

So, now the talk is about what we want to do next year to celebrate 10 years!
We're thinking a cruise....
Better start saving.


Aunt Doreen said...

Message Dori about cruises. She is currently planning one for next year and all the family is thinking about going. Quite inexpensive options available. I think your and Adam's wedding was the most memorable for Uncle Dan. He's not a fan of weddings but I remember him saying yours was different and he really loved it.

Adams mom said...

Happy Anniversary to my favorite son and daughter-in-law! What ever you decide to do for yr ten year, I would be willing to babysit.