Monday, August 27, 2012

Potter Park Zoo

We found ourselves with a completely free Saturday this past weekend! Doesn't happen very often!
Even though I'm a pretty serious planner, it was fun to do something on a whim and at the last minute.
Our local zoo pass gets us into select zoos around the country for free also, so we decided to drive to Lansing and check out the Potter Park Zoo. 

It was comparable in size to our zoo, which is great for the preschool age and women that are 7.5months pregnant.  We make our boys walk the whole strollers or wagons for us! :) I try not to roll my eyes when I see a perfectly capable 6-year old still getting pushed around. To each their own. :)
They had different animals and some fun features that were different than our usual zoo.  We also made a last minute visit to see one of my cousins in the area also that we hadn't seen in quite awhile.
A very enjoyable family day.

There were 3 sister 1-year old tigers. They were hands-down our favorite animal to watch. They were super active and pouncing on each other, getting in and out of their little pond, and playing with their toys.

There were lots of fun animal cut-outs for picture opportunities.