Monday, November 05, 2012

Welcome to the world Heath!

Heath William Willis has been welcomed into the world! 
Friday, November 2 at 12:16 pm.
(only!!!)8lbs 10oz, 21inches long

For those that like labor details:
My water broke on Thursday just before midnight. That was a new experience. Contractions weren't really regular, but the doc advised us to get to the hospital quick like pumas (not his exact words).  Got checked in, although I still was only dilated to a 3. Because of my water breaking I wasn't allowed to be up a whole lot as they needed to monitor the baby's heart rate and how he responded to contractions. Apparently, if you walk around too much the umbilical cord can drop down too far and get pinched and put the baby in danger (or something like that). Although, my mom shared that when her water broke for one of her pregnancies, she was sent home for 3 days until she was further along in labor! Yikes! Anyways. Things were progressing somewhat slowly and I found it awful to just have to lay there through contractions. We were finally given permission to use a bouncy exercise ball and then eventually to walk laps around the hospital floor. By 6am-ish things still weren't moving that quickly.  We decided with the doc to get pitocin started, shortly followed by the epiduryl.  Both kicked in at about the same time.  I loved watching huge contractions on the screen and not feeling much! 
Anyways.  At different times, the baby's heartbeat was dropping more than what the nurses liked during contractions. They were monitoring it pretty closely.  They upped the pitocin and things started moving quickly. I also started feeling lousy.  Probably because I couldn't eat anything all night.  And probably because I hadn't slept at all.  Maybe the drugs also. I had to have an oxygen mask put on me.  It was probably the worst I felt going into having to birth a child.  The doctor had to RUN to be there in time for me to start pushing right around noon. 
I pushed through two contractions and there was a baby! Just like that. 
Even though he was smaller than the other boys,  he still endured some major face bruising on the way out that left him looking quite rough.
But otherwise, he seems to be a healthy guy.
And we're so excited to have him in our family!

Now some have asked how we picked his name.
 Well, I do REALLY like Heath candy bars. Really, I do. But it had nothing to do with that. 

And apparently, there is a character named Heath Barkley on an old TV show called "The Big Valley."  Several people have told us about him. I had to look him up then. He's  a good-looking guy, but not why we named our kid Heath. 
We just liked the name. It's that simple. 
And his middle name William was after Adam's grandfather (although he mostly went by his middle name Roger).
Proud daddy

Proud momma

 Proud big brother, Landon
Tate was not so excited. He didn't want to hold Heath.  Hardly wanted to get up close to him.  His response was, "What if he talks to me?" 

And here's the little guy giving us a big yawn.  Hey, it's tough work being born. 

 And our family of five!