Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Over the river and through the woods.... Grandmother's house we go!

Landon and Tate had an adventure going to Grandma and Grandpa's last week.  Grandma took them home with her for the week and they were so excited that they hardly waved as they pulled away from our house!  

I talked to them once on the phone - very briefly. And I did pretty good and I only talked to Grandma that one time also. She was thoughtful and emailed me and sent me pictures about their whereabouts and doings.

They had spent a week away from us before, but its been the two times that we went out of the country in the past few years, so we were very busy with our own activities. This is the first time where we've just been home without them.

There was less whining. Less giggling. Less running footsteps. Less food to make (I'm not sure if I cooked all week). Less questions asked. Less toys to clean up. Less bums to wipe. Less fighting. Less kisses and hugs.

It was kinda boring. :)

We still had Heath and he's the most demanding one these days anyways. We still didn't get to do things like sleep in or play tennis.

I was anxious to see them when they got home.

I heard tidbits of them doing things like: playing with 2nd cousins, learning karate moves, eating ice cream, tying Grandpa up, staying up late, playing with dragons and knights, being chased by Grandpa, making friends with Bucky the Dog, seeing a field of Wind Turbines (from far-off and up-close), and going to Grandma's little church.

Bath time at Grandma's

Washing Grandma's "racecar." For some reason, they've always called her car a "racecar." 

They had a GREAT time and made some very special memories with Grandma and Grandpa Vig.