Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Strahm Vacation 2013

Trying to catch up on life. We've been going pretty much non-stop since this trip took place almost a month ago now. 

The whole Strahm clan headed to Port Clinton, OH. We take a vacation together every other year. None of us had been to the area before. A rental house was found on a campground that could fit all 18 of us. And there seemed to be enough options to occupy our time. 
My 4 very handsome boys. 
We took the ferry to Put-In-Bay Island one day.
I think the kids could have thrown rocks into the lake ALLLLL day if we would have let them. 

Decorating cupcakes for Father's Day.

We ventured into the rundown town of Port Clinton for a few hours one day. The May Flies had clearly taken over though! They were EVERYWHERE! Apparently, they appear for only a couple of weeks and then they are gone. Lucky us - it was while we were in town.
Checked out the Toledo Zoo one day. Landon found a good way to take in the zoo. 
Morgan and Alyssa scoping each other out.
Babies require lots of cuddling with while on vacation.
I just really liked this guy. He was intense.

Must make S'mores.
The whole group of us.

Hmmmm....now where do we go for Strahm Vacation 2015?