Thursday, September 05, 2013

And so it begins....

Summer is done. 
Sad face.
I'm really glad Michigan doesn't start school until after Labor Day. 
It's too wonderful around here to go back to school sooner!

Landon on his first day of school!

Landon loves it, but he says its a long day. His favorite parts of school so far: Strawberry milk, gym class, riding the bus home, and his new shoes.
With the ringleader at school all day, Tate hardly knows what to do with himself. His best friend is gone! Thankfully, Tate starts his preschool program next week and will be gone and engaged with that for 4 mornings a week. He's looking forward to it! 
A few weeks ago they turned themselves into Ninjas. Their idea. I just supplied the head ties.
They really have fun together and get along really well most of the time.

 And Heath just turned 10 months old. He's crawling all over the place.  Sleeps like a champ most nights. Loves dinner rolls. Really, he kinda freaks out if he sees one and its not being shared with him.  He loves balls and trying to roll it back and forth with someone. His hair is kinda naturally growing in as a mohawk and thicker and longer down the middle. He is occasionally a momma's boy and gets sad when someone else tries to hold him. We're working on that.

Life is good. 
Maybe with the boys back in school, I'll blog more often. 
Maybe not. We'll just have to wait and see.