Thursday, September 05, 2013

Gardening 2013

Another year, another attempt at gardening.

Next year when I am planning and plotting my garden, I can look back at this post and be reminded of what was successful and what was not.

Zucchini did great this year.
Yellow Squash did pretty good. 
The tomatoes produced a decent amount, but the greenery and leaves all got sick and died. Still produced quite a bit and I had to freeze a few batches.  I didn't plant as many little cherry tomatoes and I kinda missed them. I've roasted them in the past. Not enough to do that with this year.
Cucumber fizzled and didn't do well.
Green Beans did great and are still producing. Love me some sauteed green beans.
Snow Peas did pretty well. I actually planted a second batch when the first batch was done. They are getting close to giving me some yummy snow peas to munch on. The boys despise them.
Broccoli didn't do very well this year. Last year they had huge heads and kept producing. This year very little heads, although they are still producing. Plus, I was able to recently plant a late batch. They are supposed to be a fall crop, so we'll see if we can get some more.
Rhubarb bush produced like a champ.
Strawberries produced pretty well and were fun to munch on. We did have to build a cage of netting around them to keep the birds out. It worked, but was a little annoying to have to work around. They have a short season, and I let weeds grow up in them after they were producing. Debating if I keep them in the ground another year. If I do, I need to throw some straw down so some of them don't rot when I can't get out to pick them as often.
Planted two blackberry sprouts last year. They produced a handful of berries.
I was somewhat successful at some little Gypsy Peppers. Mild, sweet, with a thin skin.
Someone had given me a few pumpkin seeds to plant. I waited until some other items were done, so they got in the ground a little late. I'm hoping they'll still produce by the end of October/November. We'll see.
Planted some sunflower seeds since Tate wanted to. Those big, tall flowers are pretty fun to look at.
Tried a bit of Spinach. They did well at the start and then it got to hot for them. Might try to get some more in the ground soon.

It's not a big area, but I sure try to pack a lot into my little garden.