Thursday, April 24, 2014

And you thought I was done blogging....

Trust me - I've thought about updating our blog numerous times in the last 2 months. But thinking about it doesn't actually culminate in anything, now does it? ;)  I'll try to be better.

So many things we could have shared about. 
Heath has finally turned the walking on. And its fast and furious and all over the place. 
Several fun trips to the Children's Museum and zoo. 
Exciting Men's Bible study participation. 
I did Jillian Michael's "Ripped in 30" workout for a month. 
Adam and I both went to Landon's Kindergarten class to read. 
Tate was accepted into the Young 5's program at a local charter school! Was really not wanting him to do Kindergarten yet. Also, Landon got accepted into 1st Grade there also. This was the school where Landon was #93 on the wait list last year. 
A visit to see my parents and grandparents in Indiana. 
Several local Spring Break events. 
Several recipes I thought about sharing on here. 
Spring soccer is beginning. 
Several good girlfriend outings. 
A wonderful Easter day having good friends over. 
Exploring the local Nature Center. 
Adam bought a new truck and then sold it.  
An outreach EGGstravaganza event at church. 
I've gotten back into giving plasma somewhat regularly.

And I'm sure there are lots of other events that I could have written a little diddy on. 
And things I'm learning and thinking about. 
And, my goodness, we have some cute boys that are always doing or saying something that makes us laugh or melt. 
And, oh yeah, Adam continues to push himself to see improvements and do as much as he can.  He's been good about regularly stretching and working out - which is not only important for everybody to engage with - but it's extra important for him. He does strength training several times a week. He's had his bike clipped into a unit that makes it into a stationary bike and rides it regularly. He even took it out last night and rode 5 miles outdoors! A little nerve-inducing. But he's a grown man. I can't hold him back and thankfully, I don't feel a large need to try. I'm just happy that he's finding ways to engage with activities he enjoys and we can see that he'll be able to participate in them.  
Because this blog has readers that like to hear updates about Adam, I'll delve a little further into where life is at now almost 7 months after his accident. His walk has a little bit of a stiffness to it, although it is seeming smoother.  He's always really stiff in the mornings. He says he thinks his hands are still slowly gaining improved feeling. Fine motor stuff is still a struggle at times. He nearly always sleeps on his back as he notices if he sleeps on his side, his body tends to "coil" up resulting in greater stiffness and spasms. Speaking of spasms, he has spasms (mostly) in the mornings - mostly in his legs, but also in his back and hands. 
We have a kindergartner who is very into trying to jump rope. Adam has tried. He can get it around a few times, but it isn't pretty. :) Jumping, running, and fluid movements are not something that Adam can do very well. Not yet anyways. He also still can't seem to make his body perspire. Will be interesting to see how this plays out in the heat of the summer and how he will need to find ways to cool himself down. He did sweat when he got sick a month or two ago (vomiting/fever), but he hasn't sweat from working out yet. Several times he's noticed his feet feeling very swollen and uncomfortable, usually when he's been on them a lot. He also fatigues fairly quickly still. Overall, Adam still has a "go-get-'em" attitude. 

I'll finish up this post with a smattering of some of my favorite photos from the past few months.
And a promise to be a better blogger. :)