Monday, April 28, 2014

Girl's Getaway Weekend

Jesus needed to rest and retreat at times. 
Therefore, we all should.
Right? :)

Left the husband and kids at home and met up with some girls from high school this past weekend.  One I had known since kindergarten. Another since middle school. And one I never really hit it off with until right after we had graduated.  But they were all in our wedding and are all girls that I have a very special place in my heart for and we've managed to stay in pretty good touch over the years, mostly because of the bond of our faith. And YEARS, it has been.....15 years this spring since we graduated. Certainly doesn't feel that long!  

Even though we are all spread out, its easy to pick up from where we left off.  When you've moved away from where you grew up and you don't have any of your immediate family or longtime friends around you, it feels really good to be around people that have known me that long, come from the same small town area, know my family, know my history, and still want to be around me despite all of that. :) 

Lots of laughing. Staying up too late. Attempting to sleep in. Shopping. Eating out (i.e. not having to cook, clean up, or feed anyone = bliss!). Pedicures. More shopping. And probably some other things in between there. It went by too fast. 

Here's to planning for next year's getaway with them! 

A little pampering.

Starbucks to help with the lack of sleep. 
Shopping!  Gorgeous weather. Almost felt like I was on a tropical vacation even though I was only in Central Indiana! 
Trying on clothes.