Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A Night in the Woods

Even though our life felt like it had stopped a year ago because of Adam's injury, 
it has not even slightly paused since we celebrated the 1-year anniversary last week. 

Which is why its taken me almost a week to put together some sort of blog post about it.
I haven't even had the chance to attempt thinking about it until now.

A beautiful night for a walk through the woods. 
Really, I'm not sure that the weather could have been any more perfect.

We tried to list and count up the people that we saw that had come out. 
Just shy of 50 people from various aspects of our life.  
It was a great group and we were elated to have their presence.

During that day, I was telling myself not to be discouraged about local friends and family that were telling us that they couldn't make it. Obviously, I know life is busy. I understand that. There was still a very big part of me though that felt weak and needed to know that we had a human support system around us.  It seemed silly, but I needed to know that we still had people that cared about us and viewed Adam's recovery as big of a deal as we did.  It just meant so much to us to have everyone come out that was able to.  

Here's the main group. There was another few groups that had arrived later.
The path wasn't easy. It was winding. Narrow in spots. Rocks and tree roots jutted up out of the ground.  And you had to be aware of oncoming mountain bikers enjoying a ride.
And it was especially tough if you were carrying a 25lb. toddler. :)

Having never been on the trail before, I was grateful to have a chance to take it in. 
It wasn't necessarily a sentimental time. There was no speech or presentation.
I was trying to keep track of kids and so were others.

But it was a special time for us.
If we had just sat on the couch that night and reminisced about where a year had gotten us,
this moment would have been forever lost and not valued for what it was.

We are grateful to God. 
So grateful.
We don't hesitate for a moment to praise God for Adam's recovery.
Yes, he is a driven man. 
Yes, he was able to be at a good rehab facility.
But this was God.

We are thankful for the change in our hearts that has taken place.
To be more desperately in need of Him.
To be more aware of His presence.
To feel His comfort and peace - like no one else can offer.
To see ourselves for what we are - weak, broken vessels.
Any good, any strength, any capabilities, any overcoming - 
that's because of Him.

Here's to hoping we never, ever forget that.