Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Another year gone by for Adam

Another year has been celebrated for Adam!
We had a little family celebration to ring in the 36th year since his birth.

My Willis men
Willis men + our Asian men
And I'm not rubbing it in.....but this is the only deer Adam has got so far this year!
If something doesn't change soon, we are going to have to learn to eat beef again! Oh dear/deer!
This guy is pretty stellar! Love being able to celebrate him! So, so thankful to have him!


jan said...

Is that a Boston Creme Pie?? ..... That was my husband's favorite birthday cake too!! :-)

Adam and Becca said...

Yes Jan! He insists its a pie and not a cake though. :) Its become his favorite and a "given" on what kind of cake I make him. Fun to know that him and Rick shared the same taste in pie/cake. They both picked pretty good girls too. ;)

Adams Mom said...

Love the pictures, especially of all your men!