Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Heath turns 3!

Heath turned 3!
(Over a week ago)

I typically let the boys start choosing what we have for their birthday dinner at this age, but when Heath was asked on multiple occasions he insisted we have Ice Cream. Just Ice Cream. 
Then he specified that he wanted COLD Ice Cream. 
Maybe next year he'll be more cooperative on the matter.
(And yes, we still had some ice cream)

My parents came into town for a couple of days and were able to be there for the celebratory festivities.

He enjoyed opening cards and gifts from family.
These days he is into diggers, trucks, trains, and puppies.

Here's some other things about Heath at the age of 3:
- He talks in a really robotic voice at times.
- He is mostly potty-trained. Still struggling to get #2 where it should go (i.e. the toilet and NOT his pants). He's even dry at naptimes and most nights.
- Still naps for 2 1/2 hours every afternoon. Sleeps 12 hours at night.
- He is a momma's boy. He is sad and pouts when I leave him behind sometimes. And will often tell me that he missed me when I am away and will ask if I'm going to be there tomorrow.
- He can get really shy and anti-social.
- We are experiencing temper tantrums and fits on occasion.
- He is tall for his age, but about average weight.
- He knows he's the baby and he milks it at times. And his mom may let him. (In my defense, he's my BABY!)
- He can count to 10, but still can't get most of his colors straight. 
- He is adorable, endearing, and we LOVE him beyond words!