Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hairs cut

Someone asked me recently how we have managed to live off of 1 income for so long. 
(And 1 pretty modest income. You can look up what youth pastors make....people aren't in it for the money. :) ) 
(well, mostly 1 income since I have worked part-time for most of that....although, on average only 5-10 hrs/wk)

But anyways. There's obviously multiple factors that go into my answer.

But one of them is that we have found ways to do things ourselves. 

Case in point: Haircuts

I have been cutting Adam's hair since we got married. 
We registered for a haircutting kit and lo and behold, someone gave it to us!

Well, let's do some basic math.
Let's go off the very base rate of Adam getting a cheap-o haircut for $10 
(we'll even say that includes the tip to keep our math super simple) 
Let's say he likes to get his hair cut once a month.
Let's say we've been married for 13.5 years.

$10/month x 12 months = $120/year
$120/yr x 13.5yrs = $1,620 saved over the course of our marriage

Throw in 3 boys.
The math is getting more complicated....but you get the idea.

Even if you figure we can get all 4 of the guys in the house a haircut for $10/each and if we can manage to stretch that haircut out to 6 weeks (which we usually don't).....we're still looking at a yearly savings of just under $350.

Maybe $350/year isn't much to you.....but its pretty significant for us.
And totally worth it for me to keep cutting their long as they'll let me.

Happy, but scraggly. (minus Adam)

Clean cut and handsome.

Now if only I could trust them to cut my hair the 2 times a year I get it cut. :)