Monday, March 27, 2017

Quick Trip to Chi Town

We took the boys on a quick trip to Chi-town this past week (OK, actually Schaumburg). As soon as school was out on Thursday, we took off and skipped school on Friday (well, we thought they had the day off....but apparently I misunderstood how recess/snow make-up days work in this school corporation....and by the time I understood, I had already booked. Oh well. They are doing fine in school.)
Thursday evening we enjoyed staying in a hotel. The boys have only done this a few times and still find it incredibly exciting. Comfy beds with lots of pillows. Cable TV. Free toothbrushes at the front desk since we ALWAYS manage to forget theirs. Riding on an elevator. They are such simple and happy little creatures. 

We enjoyed going out to eat and swimming in the evening (Hotel pool was out of service, but we got free passes to a close fitness center that had a MUCH bigger pool.) 

Friday morning we headed to IKEA. The boys were not very impressed. But it was my happy place. Had to explain to them multiple times that family members sometimes endure things because it makes other family members happy. Not sure if they understood the lesson....maybe we need to practice it more often. :) We picked up several things to finish out some of our space in the basement....Rugs. Cabinets and wall shelves to go on both sides of the fireplace. A few other little things. Oh, and cinnamon rolls. 

Then we picked up a few things at Trader Joe's grocery store......Let's be honest, Adam wanted some sesame sticks. I was fine not stopping there. He sent me in and instructed me to get no less than 8 bags of them. I felt a little selfish taking that many. I only got 6. I think he has forgiven me. 

Then we headed to the Legoland Discovery Center (a Christmas gift from Moppy and Poppy). Legos are a pretty big item in our lives. I don't think a day passes where someone isn't playing with them (or in my case, that I'm not accidentally stepping on one). So.....basically, the boys had a great time. I'll let the pictures do some of the talking.....

Some major Chicago attractions.

And at night.

Standing in front of the Willis Tower. Its named after us, right?

A Hippo pic...for my brother Phil (we'll see if he reads the blog....)

The beauty of organization in the Master Builder section.

Beloved R2-D2.

Darth Vader got a little cozy with me.

Why so serious?

They rode this again and again and again.
And again.

I rode this once. This was the most pleasant I probably looked on it.
I cannot handle spinny things in my old age!

I didn't take pictures in a few of the different areas. But we had a fun time. 
The total "vacation" was only about 30 hours, but they said it was one of the best vacations. Ever.
Such easy to please guys.

We are entertaining the idea of Disney in a year or two. I'm afraid it would blow their minds!
(Although, I don't know....I've never been there.....I'm thinking they will have to endure standing in line with me to meet a few princesses though!)