Monday, April 24, 2017

Meet Oliver

We brought a sweet little kitten home a week ago.
We aren't shy about it......we are cat people.  We know not everybody shares those same sentiments.

After Clyde passed away in the fall, we knew we would eventually want another cat.  But we wanted to wait until we finished the messy project of finishing off our basement.

Welp, the basement is done. And so we quickly said "YES!" to the first posting of available kittens that came across our Facebook newsfeed.

There was a considerable amount of deliberation between the 5 of us about which kitten in the litter we wanted. They were all very cute.  Adam, the resident cat expert in our family, guided us toward the sweet little orange one. He seemed to liked to be held. He wasn't as hyper as a few of the others.

We are really happy with our choice! He's sweet, playful, easy to purr, docile with the boys handling him, slightly timid, but also pretty adventurous.  We have had a really fun week with him. The first few days, Heath just kept saying throughout the day, "I really like our new kitty."  And as soon as the older two boys would get home from school, they would want to play with him.  He's still a kitten so he plays for an hour....and then sleeps for an hour.  

And it only took us about a week to pick out a name for him. 
I received many excellent suggestions on Facebook. And the boys had their own ideas also. 
Puff, Patrick,  Milo, Simba, Ginger, Pumpkin, Clyde Jr., Oscar, Butterscotch, Cali, Tigger, Foofoo, Harley, Joey, Rizzo, Cat, Freddy, Morris, Charlie, Otis, Sebastian, Henry, Tweety, Freckles, Howard, and my personal favorite suggestion:

But we went with Oliver.

Throwback to another 4-year old handling our orange kitty.

And Daisy. Well, she has made significant strides in how she relates to him.
It was all snarls, hisses, and low gutteral growls from her for awhile. 
She could not even stand to be in the same room as him.
Oliver is not the least bit bothered by it though. 
He is determined to win her over and play with her.

This was Day 6 of Oliver in the house.
The fact that Daisy let him this close and was rather complacent about it was worth taking a picture.
And I kept snapping since I knew Oliver wouldn't stay put.

But hey, look what happened on Day 8!
I'm pretty sure Adam lured Daisy onto his lap and put her into a deep sleep.
And then grabbed the kitten.
But still. Huge improvements!

I'm currently researching how I can freeze him and get him to stay at this cute and adorable stage FOREVER. (Not Adam...the kitten)(Although, Adam is pretty cute and adorable also)